Inspired by international beauty contests, the 2014 Miss Teen Miami beauty pageant differs from traditional ones primarily because it will not have a Swimwear competition. This is in keeping with the 2014 Miss Teen Miami   pageant’s objective of maintaining a completely distinctive method of judging where candidates are appraised based on more essential factors such as charisma, charm, versatility, and youthful inspiration.

Striving to be a unique new way by which young ladies of Miami demonstrate their vibrant culture and enduring spirit, the 2014 Miss Teen Miami   pageant competition beats with excitement and youthful strength from its many supporters and eager contestants. By providing a remarkable training ground for personality development and character formation, the 2014 Miss Teen Miami pageant upholds the philosophy of creating pageantry with a purpose. However, the pageant outstandingly distinguishes itself from other beauty tilts by not having a Swimwear competition, proof that the event is seriously pursuing the demonstration not just of physical pulchritude but inner beauty as well. The 2014 Miss Teen Miami   pageant contestants have to hurdle three distinct contest segments: the Personal Interview; the Casual Wear competition; and the Formal Wear competition. Knowing how truly versatile young women can choose to be, the organizers of the 2014 Miss Teen Miami   pageant competition will give contestants ample space to shine their brightest both onstage and off.

Supported by their equally-eager parents, the  2014 Miss Teen Miami   pageant candidates are in for a refreshing experience that’s sure to inspire them to reach further and aim higher while keeping their feet humbly planted on the ground. The 2014 Miss Teen Miami beauty pageant aims to empower young contestants to think of more natural ways of showing the world how truly lovely they are. After all, the city of Miami has been recognized as “the only major city in the United States to be conceived by a wealthy female.”  Thus young womanpower is truly alive and well here!


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